Many parishes are discovering the value of working in partnership with their local schools. We have something positive and relevant to offer schools as they plan and deliver their curriculum in RE, Personal, Health, Moral and Social Education. Schools are often very welcoming of clergy who assist with delivering collective worship.

We have collected some resources you may find useful as you consider working with your local schools and you may find these useful in your ministry. Not every resource is useful for every ministry so take a good look at all the resources available here, online and in local bookshops and see which best fit you, your schools and your ministry. 

Resources Supporting School-Church Links


Experience Journeys are excellent resources sharing the story of the Christian faith and to engage children in the events and celebrations of major Christian festivals.  Children travel around stations set up in the church building or outdoor space, and have opportunities to respond through multi-sensory activities. Many churches in our diocese use the Experience Easter and Experience Christmas activities and these are very well received by many schools.


The Experience Journeys were originally designed to be hosted by a church community for their local primary schools, serving to strengthen mutually supportive links between schools and churches.  Churches often choose to keep the displays in place and open the church during the days following schools visits, so that their own members can visit to experience the journey.  The journeys can also be adapted for schools to hold the event in their own halls and classrooms.


Each pack comprises a set of laminated cards, giving a colour photograph of each station along with detailed instructions of how to create the stations, as well as careful directions to help the group leaders explore each part of the story with the children.  Each station also includes a reflective, multi-sensory activity.


Click on the link at the bottom of this section to visit the Gloucester Diocese Jumping Fish Publications page for more details and how to order.

Pray Day

Pray Day is the third Tuesday of November every year when schools across Europe and around the world are the focus of prayer. This year it will be held on Tuesday 17th November 2020, with schools across the UK taking part. The day is for:

  • all types of school from nursery to sixth form

  • pupils, school staff, governors, parents, church leaders, youth workers and anyone else concerned about young people

  • anyone who believes that God hears our prayers


Use the #SayDoPray tag on Social Media!


We hope that Christians will join us during the week of 16th -20 th  November and take part in #SayDoPray. Say something encouraging; Do something kind; Pray for a friend. We are sure you can come up with others. You could get involved by:

  • Telling young people about our campaign

  • Use Social media to promote #SayDo Pray

  • Just praying on your own

  • Running a prayer meeting or a Prayer Marathon in your school for pupils and/or staff

  • Organising a prayer evening for everyone from your church

  • Setting up a stall in or outside a school and offering to pray for pupils and staff

  • Leading a school assembly about what prayer means to Christians

  • Teaching an RE lesson on how and why Christians pray

  • Prayer Walking around your local school and area  – see our video

  • Give a gift of a plant or a cake to the teachers in your school

Supporting Transitions

Supporting Transitions - a poster from Beacon House Therapeutic Services with tips on how to help anxious children negotiate the transitions at the start and end of the school year 

Global Neighbours - School Accreditation 

Global Neighbours is Christian Aid's school accreditation scheme, run In partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office. It aims to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and the Christian response to it in primary school pupils across England.

Useful Booklets

School & Church offers 50 ideas for churches to engage with their local school. This might be in the school, in the church or through joint activities such as charity projects. 

Useful Booklets

Fully Assembled - a simple guide on leading worship in schools, including:

  • Be on time

  • Be prepared

  • Be sensitive

  • Be a worshipper

  • Be welcoming

  • Be clear

  • Be relevant

  • Be visual

  • Be honest

  • Be confident

  • Be calm

  • Be friendly

  • Be positive

  • Be yourself

Help with Assemblies

​A huge range of downloadable assembly outlines on just about anything you can imagine. Updated regularly.

​Barnabas resources are tried and tested in schools and are free to download


Ready-made, downloadable, customisable acts of Collective Worship supported by multi-media presentations.

Pray for Schools


Pray For Schools is developing a UK-wide network of prayer groups to support schools by praying. The network includes; CARE, the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT), Free Churches Group, Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, Prayer Spaces in Schools and Open the Book. PFS encourage young people from all around Europe to pray for their school joining Christians young and old and taking part in PrayDay on Tuesday 20th November.


An excellent site with many downloadable ideas for creating prayerspaces in schools

Open the Book

Open the Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear stories of the Bible, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies/acts of Collective Worship. Each presentation takes around 10-15 minutes and can be incorporated into a wider school assembly, or can stand alone. It is a three-year rolling programme with an additional, but optional year of material based on Christian Values.

Resources about Christianity and RE

Asking and answering some of the big questions of faith 

A site full of ideas, resources, and advice


Bible teaching resources for children and young people​​

Lesson plans and resources for primary school children

The Stapleford Centre is an independent Christian education charity, working across the UK, that supports, nurtures and shapes Christian engagement in education.

Lesson plans and resources for primary school children

Charity Sites


​Research, advice, advocacy & resources

​Educational resources for both primary and secondary schools

Fundraising ideas for teachers

​Shoe-box charity

Guide to Education

Can't remember where I picked this up .... happy to credit it. It's Michael Rosen's Guide to Education ...

You get education in schools.

To find out how much education you get, the government gives you tests.

Before you do the tests the government likes it if you are put on different tables that show how well or badly you are going to do in the tests.

The tests test whether they have put you on the right table.

The tests test whether you know what you’re supposed to know.




don’t try to get to know any old stuff like ‘What is earwax?’ or ‘how to make soup’.

The way to know things you’re supposed to know is to do pretend tests.

When you do the pretend tests you learn how to think in the way that tests want you to think.

The more practice you do, the more likely it is that you won’t make the mistake of thinking in any other way other than in the special test way of thinking.


Here’s an example:

The apples are growing on the tree.

What is growing on the tree?

If you say, ‘leaves’, you are wrong.

It’s no use you thinking that when apples are on a tree there are usually leaves on the tree too.

There is only one answer. And that is ‘apples’.

All other answers are wrong.

If you are the kind of person that thinks ‘leaves’ is a good answer, doing lots and lots and lots of practice tests will get you to stop thinking that ‘leaves’ is a good answer.


Doing many, many practice tests will also make it very likely that there won’t be time for you to go out

and have a look at an apple tree to see what else grows on apple trees. Like ants. Or mistletoe.


Education is getting much better these days because there is much more testing.


Remember, it’s ‘apples’ not ‘leaves’.

Education Sunday


Education Sunday is annually celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in September. This year Education Sunday is on Sunday September 8th 2019. Resources are used by churches, schools, colleges, individuals and groups. The 2018 theme was 'Faith and Works' and resources are written by a group representing a range of traditions and agencies, Check out the resources on offer by clicking the link below.