Prayer ideas

Here's a list of resources you might find helpful.  

Pray Day

Pray Day is the third Tuesday of November every year when schools across Europe and around the world are the focus of prayer. This year it will be held on Tuesday 17th November 2020, with schools across the UK taking part. The day is for:

  • all types of school from nursery to sixth form

  • pupils, school staff, governors, parents, church leaders, youth workers and anyone else concerned about young people

  • anyone who believes that God hears our prayers


Use the #SayDoPray tag on Social Media!


We hope that Christians will join us during the week of 16th -20 th  November and take part in #SayDoPray. Say something encouraging; Do something kind; Pray for a friend. We are sure you can come up with others. You could get involved by:

  • Telling young people about our campaign

  • Use Social media to promote #SayDo Pray

  • Just praying on your own

  • Running a prayer meeting or a Prayer Marathon in your school for pupils and/or staff

  • Organising a prayer evening for everyone from your church

  • Setting up a stall in or outside a school and offering to pray for pupils and staff

  • Leading a school assembly about what prayer means to Christians

  • Teaching an RE lesson on how and why Christians pray

  • Prayer Walking around your local school and area  – see our video

  • Give a gift of a plant or a cake to the teachers in your school

9th May 2019

Thy Kingdom Come

Join the global wave of prayer

May 30th - June 9th


Join the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ



Family Prayer Adventure Map

Everywhere Prayer - Messy Church resource

Kingdom Kit

Top 5 tips

26th April 2019

Lord's Prayer Resources

Going for Growth website


Mary Hawes’ excellent Pinterest site on the Lord’s Prayer


BRF is a great source of tried and tested downloadable ideas.


Barnabasinschools is a site run by BRF and dedicated to resourcing work in schools


And here is a Messy Church resource sheet on the Lord’s Prayer