• Steve K

So where is he now?

We host school groups at Chelmsford Cathedral. Some come for curriculum days looking at the different features of the Cathedral. We host large school groups for Sacred Space days and smaller groups come for a day of Experience Christmas or Experience Easter.

Recently we hosted a group of about 100 children for day of “Experience Easter”. For our final reflection we gathered round a cross to think about the things we’ve seen and heard and felt during the day.

We asked, “Jesus is not on the cross anymore and he is not in the tomb anymore either. Where is Jesus now?”

After a time of quiet one child said,

“he’s here” ……… pointing to her hands

“and here” ………. pointing to her mouth

“and here” ………. pointing to her ears

“and here” ………. pointing to her head

“and here” ………. pointing to her feet

And nothing more needed to be said.

Jesus, alive in our thinking and listening and helping and speaking.

Jesus, alive and evidenced though our lives.