• Steve K

I Wonder ....

I'm not sure where I picked up the idea for this. If I find out I shall happily credit the source. This is an adaptation of someone else's great idea, based on work with primary schoolchildren and staff.

In the beginning, before there was anything, before there was time and before there was space, the creator made something new. It had to be new because it was before there was anything. The creator made something out of nothing. For there was nothing. The creator made the tiniest, tiny, tiny speck of what seemed like nothing. But out of this speck that seemed like nothing was the beginnings of everything. And the speck of nothingness grew. And grew. And grew. And never stopped growing. And everything was new.

So there were new galaxies, new stars, new planets, new mountains, new seas, new rivers, new streams, new land, new trees, new plants, new animals, new people, new everything. Everything was new, each moment of each day was a day of newness. There were exciting discoveries. People could think and speak and love and explore and hope and dream and wish and work and .... And anything was possible, because everything was new. And people made homes, new homes. And villages, and towns, and cities. And everything was new.

But as time passed people no longer tried new things, rather, they settled for the things they already had. For if they could see it, it felt more secure and somehow ..... safer. Their feet did not go beyond their village and they did not climb up the mountains. Their eyes did not look at the sky and their minds did not wander or wonder what was beyond what they could see. They forgot about new adventures and new possibilities.

So they became old.

The Creator wanted to see what had happened to the new creation and so he visited people in their homes and in their villages. Before sunset people gathered at the square to talk with the creator. He described to them a life beyond the horizon and suggested,

“Do you want me to lead you there, beyond the horizon, beyond what you can see, and you will see new things, you will find how people live in other places?”

“Oh,” they said, “it is late, we're too old to travel to new places ...”

“Then come with me to the mountains to look at the world from the top! Gaze down at the wonders beneath your feet.”

“Oh,” they said, “it is late, we're tired, we have no energy to climb mountains ...”

“Then gaze at the skies,” the creator said, “and I will tell you about the life in the Kingdom you cannot yet see! You will see worlds you could never imagine without ever leaving your seat.”

“Oh,” they said, “It is late; our minds are too full already, we can't take in more new things .... “

The creator became sad. And so he decided to cheer people.

“Let us sing a song!” he said, and was going to sing first, but people noticed that the sun was going down.

“It is late,” they said, “it is too late for singing, it's time to sleep,” 

... and they went to their homes.

The creator shouted after them:

“People, it is never too late, never too late for exploring and finding and discovering and trying and hoping and .......”

But they did not turn back and they closed the doors behind them.

Then the Creator told himself:

“Nothing is too late, for there is no end, I will take away all words of limitation from people, "late", "not", "impossible", "far", "high", "hard", "will not", "cannot", and I will place in their hearts the joy of hope. The hope of the new.”

Nothing is too late because there is no end, there are only new beginnings. He did so, he took away all limits and all doubts and waited for the morning.

And as the sun rose above the houses and above the trees, as a new day dawned, the  Creator wondered if people would change their minds, would grow young and not grow old. He wondered if they would they go to the mountains? And gaze at the stars, and wander and wonder at what might be?

Imagine what you could achieve if you really, really tried? Imagine what you might experience, what you might see, what you might discover if you stopped saying ... can't or won't. I wonder what might be ahead of each of us if we dared to do more than is required, to see beyond. To stay young.

I wonder ….. if I shall wander