Listening to children

Why do we listen to children? We listen to children because:

  • it acknowledges their right to be listened to and for their views and experiences to be taken seriously about matters that affect them

  • it makes a difference - we grow in our understanding of children’s priorities, interests and concerns and in how children feel about themselves

  • listening is a vital part of establishing respectful relationships with the children we work with and is central to the learning process

  • It encourages a more wholesome, integrated and healthy community in which all may flourish

  • Children and young people have unique perspectives - we see and hear and feel things that we would not normally see, hear or feel

Here are some resources to help us listen

2nd August 2018

Learn to Listen​

The Learn to Listen website offers a wide variety of resources, ideas, suggestions and practical advice to help you take the first steps towards listening to the children and young people in your church, school,  community and beyond. The resources are downloadable and can be adapted for your own context. Many of the ideas on this site are excellent in offering opportunities to listen and respond appropriately to children and young people. 

2nd August 2018

Have your Say - 1 

  • When do you feel close to God?

  • I think God is .........   because ..........

  • I think Church is ..........   because ..........

  • is there anything else you would like to say?

We have used these questions and prompts across the Diocese for the past 4 years. We've sent out about 5000 printed question cards and although we didn't ask for responses to be sent back, we've had about 1000 responses. The responses have featured in deanery synod presentations, DBE presentations, Bishops' Staff Team and Bishops' Council presentations and in training sessions. Click on the images to download your own cards. 

have your say pdf_Page_2.jpg
have your say pdf_Page_3.jpg
have your say pdf_Page_4.jpg
have your say pdf_Page_5.jpg

6th August 2018

Hear say 

​A short paper on the principles & practices of listening 

2nd August 2018

NCB website - Listening to Children

This excellent source has some helpful advice on how to listen and making listening a way of life. Check out their website through the link below and also see their publication Listening as a Way of Life, accessed here.