Check out the information below on the latest ideas picked up from colleagues, on travels around the Diocese and from social media. 


Prayerspaces have uploaded some great ideas for prayerspaces at home.

Take a look at 5 ideas for use at home

Family Activities

Here are some simple prayers to use with your family. They cover issues such as Coronavirus, when a friend is ill and a prayer to remember God is always with us. Download the prayers using the link.

Worship at home

Have you seen a rainbow on a window as you have taken your daily exercise?

Family worship at Home (Rochester Diocese)

Rochester Diocese has published a really helpful page on Family Worship in the Home:with something for everyone

Roots on the Web

At a time when our normal routines of worship services and groups are disrupted, ROOTS is offering free resources to use at home every week on the ROOTS website. All the materials focus on the same Bible passage and include:


Prayers, reflections, questions to ponder

Family time talking points and activities

Seasonal resources e.g. Mothering Sunday

See free ROOTS resources for worship at home.

One Way Ministries

One Way UK are best known for their Puppet Ministry, but they have collated a whole range of sites & resources to support children, youth & family ministry

Prayers & colouring for anxious times

These reflection/prayer/colouring sheets from Illustrated Ministry may be helpful for any child you know who is anxious at this time ...... & for any adults too. .

Fischy Music

Fischy Music work with children in schools, churches and community settings, locally and nationally, singing, writing and listening to songs. They support adults who work with, or care for children by equipping them with musical resources and appropriate training and they provide online digital musical resources for schools and churches. They have updated their work to include:

  • Monday morning assembly on YouTube: Tune in and join us for our weekly online assemblies, 11AM on Mondays at

  • FischyTunes: music video website for childrent 

  • Spotify (and other streaming platforms): “Twenty Years of Fischy Music” album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or wherever you stream your music.

The Lord's Prayer​ (with actions)


We first recorded this quite a while ago and we have been teaching this in schools and with school visits to the Cathedral for the last 3 years.


It's not our idea and we can't remember where we first saw it, but we'll happily credit if you let us know. .


We've seen lots of versions of this - you might like to do your own? 

Church@Home & Faith@Play

Bethan Fogell - Portsmouth Diocese


Two resources here from Bethan Fogell, Church@Home (children) & Faith@Play (toddlers). Faith @ Play resource for under 5s aimed at those usually attending toddler groups and/or church, some of the same ideas in toddler friendly language.

There are more editions planned & I'll upload them here when I get them. for 

Royal Academy Daily Doodle

time to get arty with the RA. Do you end up doodling through the day? The Royal Academy of Arts is hosting a daily doodle showcase on Twitter. Great fun for you & for all your family too. Doodle away & post your entry on Twitter with the tag #RAdailydoodle

Pilgrimage at Home (Thanks Tony Cook)

The purpose of a pilgrimage is to journey physically and spiritually to learn something more or new about God and about yourself as you journey. This pilgrimage at home resource my help you to physically move about your home as a family whilst learning more about God and the faith in your family. Pilgrimage at home can be done in a house or flat using the rooms you have and ignoring any instructions that are not relevant to your home. It can be done across a whole day or part of a day, you decide. There are some suggestions but please feel free to change or adapt anything to make it relevant to the age of the people living in your household. There are five activities to help:

  • Moving in and around your home

  • Doing an activity together

  • Linking the activity to scripture

  • Reflecting in different ways

  • Having a focus for prayer