Here's a small selection of books. We'll add to this list so keep an eye out on this page for further titles. If there are any particular books or book subjects you would like information on, please get in touch with Steve. 

25th April 2019

Re-thinking Children’s Work in Churches - A Practical Guide

Edited by Carolyn Edwards, Sian Hancock and Sally Nash

Focusing on the holistic development of the child, the purpose of this book is to re-envision holistic approaches, as well as to prepare and inspire those involved in or wishing to support church-based children's ministry. By drawing on an international group of authors, this guide offers best practice advice from the wider world.

9th January 2019

It's Just a Toddler Group

Many thanks to Mary Hawes & Dan Jones for this excellent resource on toddlers and church, packed with advice, stories, good practice, information, help and re-assurance about this amazing ministry. 

20th August 2018

A is for Activist

A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara

Seven Stories Press; Brdbk edition (12 Dec. 2013)

ISBN 978-1609805395

A is for Activist is an ABC book with a difference. Just as heart-warming and just as engaging as traditional ABC books, but with a joyful emphasis on justice and equality. 28 pages, written for families who want their kids to grow up with open eyes and open hearts and written with alliteration, engaging illustrations and a call to see, hear and act. A great book for young children of all ages.

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10th August 2018

Looking after your Mental Health

Alice James & Louie Stowell

Usborne, £6.99 (picked up a copy for £2.99 online)


A great book addressing mental wellbeing for children & young people. Probably most appropriate for Y6-Y8’s. Well-written, appropriate language & not afraid to tackle some tricky issues such as how and why we feel as we do, with sections including; friends & family, sex & romance, depression & anxiety and eating disorders.


There’s some really helpful guidance on helping young people learn to like their own company,

feelings, puberty and friendships, gender dysphoria, social media, sexting, cyber-bullying, toxic friendships, consent, family breakdown and eating disorders. The book tackles these issues in a sensitive, informed and non-patronising way, offering practical strategies.


It’s a big book covering big issues and as such young people will probably dip in and out of it. I know some schools have ordered copies and some parents are using this as a resource to help with transitions from Y6 to Y7. This book is a great introduction to mental health, filled with no nonsense, straightforward, practical, informed help for young people as they understand, appreciate and embrace their mental wellbeing.

1st August 2019

An ABC of Distraction 

These activities have been planned to offer opportunities to take our thinking away from the busyness of the business of our more usual day to day activities on to other things, offering a break, a change, an alternative, a distraction. The alternative activities are rooted in health and well-being of the mind, body and spirit. There are accompanying verses from scripture. You may wish to read more and dwell on the verses in their original context. 

If you engage with one activity each day it will take just under 4 weeks to complete the whole alphabet of activities. If you engage with one activity each week it’ll take six months. Some activities are more life-style characteristics than one-off events.