Becoming a Child

Author unknown:


If you're excluded from the family meal,

If you speak and no one listens, but you cry and everyone "tuts",

If you're sad but no one asks you what's the matter,

If you can't read and you're expected to, or 

If you can and you're not given a book,

If you have faith and no one believes you

If you come bearing gifts and no one accepts them

If you're not getting value for money,

If you try your best for a right answer and only get a laugh,

If you bring your worship and everyone thinks it's entertainment,


Then you are a child.



If you think the aisle is for cartwheels,

If you can laugh at the preacher, but not his jokes,

If you say "God is wicked!", and know it's ok,

If you don't give a toss about getting wet,

If you enjoy writing on walls,

If just by your presence you bring others joy,

If you're prepared to take risks and ask questions,

If you're a role-model for the Kingdom,


Then you are a child