Vol 5 - October 2012

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Many thanks to Mary Hawes, & many others, for many of these ideas and links;

Faith in Homes

... have published more resources on their website,

I Remember when
... A DVD resource for parents and grandparents to share some core Bible stories and teaching with their families. Read more
Bible verse cards...
Need help learning scripture with your children, then try out this free downloadable resource which provides short, illustrated Bible verses for each letter of the alphabet. Read more
What language does your child or teen speak? ... Or put another way, what makes them 'tick', or feel happy and valued? Here are some useful insights to help you as a parent to understand your children and 'speak' their language. Oh, and what language do you speak? Read more
Thank you and good night!... How do you end the day with your children? A mad flurry of activity preparing for school the next day... homework right up to the last minute... a bedtime story... or something different? This article from the USA suggests how parents might think about using this time with their children. Read more

visit the website for more updates.

Godly Play
Rebecca Nye will be leading a Godly Play training day in Northampton on Saturday 3 November. Full details here.

Also, the 6th Annual Godly Play Lecture will be at Friends House, Euston Road, London on Saturday 1st December 2012, 10:30 – 3:30, led by Dr Anne Richards. Click here for a booking form.

Christmas Comic Book
SGM Lifewords have a comic book – Journey out of Darkness – as a freebie for 10 – 14 year olds this Christmas. Details of how to obtain copies here.

Christmas Resources
Going for Growth, the C of E website resourcing children's & youth work, has a range of links & ideas for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (which falls on a Sunday in 2013). Click here for more

National Parents' Week
This week (22 - 28th October) is National Parents' Week. This year's theme is Make a Moment and encourages parents to take time to create memories with their children. Bishop John Pritchard has written a prayer which you could use in worship:

Gracious God
thank you for the privilege and pleasure of children,
Thank you for what they represent for both the present and the future
and what they give us as they explore life and make their discoveries.
Help us to slow down, to pause and make a moment,
Help us to share their world and enjoy their wonder.
Help us to walk at their speed, and find that it's your speed,
And so lead us together into life and joy,
in the company of your Son,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Takeover Day 2012 - Friday 23 November
There are three guidance documents, including new Guidance for Schools:
Information for children and young people
Guidance for organisations
Guidance for schools
Each guidance pack also has a seperate summary document which tells you what you need to know at a glance. These can be found on our website.

The shops are full of pumpkins, spiders' s webs and all things scary and orange. If you want to offer a focus on light rather than darkness this 31st October, have a look at some of the ideas here.

CURBS have also published some resources on Halloween, you can order ‘Unmasking Halloween’ resource from the CURBS website. This CURBS Kit is £7.00 and available as a download or hard copy. Visit CURBS at www.curbsproject.org.uk and you need to click on the ‘Ordering’ tab and then select ‘Seasonal Kits’.

More from CURBS
‘Kids United’ is a kit especially for Christian groups/schools/churches serving mainly Muslim communities, which aims to be sensitive to Muslim culture and beliefs while sharing God's love in a distinctively Christian way. :

Tried and tested
over several years with a group of 4-7 year olds in East London
Includes 14 themed sessions based on Old Testament stories with characters and events also mentioned in the Qur'an, providing a familiar starting point for Muslim children
Each session includes introductory games, creative activities and rounding up activities as well as an interactive telling of the Bible story

You can visit their website at www.curbsproject.org.uk to find out more.

All Saints Day
Saints come in all shapes and sizes! 1st November sees All Saints Day, but you could use many of these ideas at other times of the year to explore what it means to be a saint.

This year, Armistice Day (11th November) falls on a Sunday. This page, on the Going for Growth website, has plenty of links to help you explore the ideas of remembrance and peace making.

Holy Communion
At the beginning of September, 2 additional Eucharist Prayers were authorised in the Church of England, especially for use when a majority of children are present at a service of Holy Communion. About 18% of parishes in England now admit baptised children to Communion before Confirmation.
Click here for resources

Interested in ministry training for work with children and young people?
Midlands CYM, based at St John’s College in Nottingham are holding open days for anyone interested in training in:
Children and Family Work
Youth and Community Work
Schools, Youth and Community Work

Wednesday 7th November (with special guest speaker Mike Pilavachi)
Tuesday 4th December
Saturday 26th January (times for this day will differ, please contact us for further info)
Wednesday 13th March
Wednesday 24th April

All the days (except the Saturday) will begin at 10am with coffee and pastries. There will be opportunities to experience a sample lecture, get information about MCYM courses and resources, talk to staff and discuss your personal training needs. Lunch is provided and we will finish by 3pm.

Spaces are limited so booking is essential. To book your place or for more information please contact: Gill Benson at mcym@stjohns-nottm.ac.uk  or telephone 0115 9683222.