Vol 10 - May 2013

Latest vacancies
Children's & Youth Leader
St Mary’s, Saffron Walden 
Children and Youth Leader to lead ministry & implement vision, encourage children & young people to discover & develop faith, support & strengthen volunteers, integrate our children & youth in the church & develop relationship with local school. Closing date: 31 May 2013. 

Youth & Children's Minister
Beverley Minster
Youth & Children's Minister to introduce children & young people to the love of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, develop & refine strategy for ministry, lead All-Age and other worship, encourage discipleship, develop volunteers & develop relationships with schools. Closing date: 24th May 2013. 

Children & Communion
We have rewritten our resources for Admission of children to Holy Communion. Resources include; 
  • Introductory letter from Bishop Stephen 
  • Process for a parish 
  • Application form 
  • Resources 
Take a look at these and other resources here.

Please contact the Children’s Work Adviser, Steve Kersys, if you would like to discuss how your parish might consider admission of children to Holy Communion.

We’ve also written guidance notes on school Eucharists, which can be accessed here.

Growth of Love
The Study Pack to The Growth of Love engages with key elements of life and faith in a creative and reflective way. The Study Pack has 20 study cards, copy of the book “The Growth of Love”, copy of the book “Reflections of Living with Children”, Facilitators’ Guide, Summary Notes. The 20 study cards cover the five key themes of the book – Security; Boundaries; Significance; Community and Creativity – as well as three introductory cards and one final card encouraging reflection on the course. The study cards are designed for use by small groups with a course facilitator. The ideal size for the groups is between 6 and 8 people. More>>

Children & the BBC 
Have your say on children’s programmes on the BBC. The BBC have consultation questionnaires for children and adults. The consultation is open until 31st May 2013. There is space for you to tell them about any additional thoughts. 

Godly Play Training 
Tues 25th, Weds 26th & Thurs 27th June 2013
Led by Rebecca Nye and Alison Seaman
Sion Community, Sawyers Lane Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9BX
£410 residential & £295 non-residential
An action-reflection based course that offers hands-on training in more than 15 stories, plus the spirituality of childhood, creating a nurturing Christian space, positive relationships and adapting Godly Play principles for a variety of contexts – schools, adults, elderly, whole church etc.

Art in Heaven 
NATRE’s 10th Annual ‘Art in Heaven’ Competition 2013.
Whether you work in schools or in a church setting this could be something that could inspire children and young people to be creative as they explore big questions. Themes are; 
  • Prayer: How and why? 
  • Windows on the Soul 
  • God: What if...? 
  • Open mind! 
  • Jerusalem by William Blake 
Guidance notes and entry forms are available for download here

Ascension & Pentecost 
Hard to see past the wonderful and thoughful celebrations of Easter, but here are some resources on AscensionPentecost 

Christian Aid Week
12th – 18th May 
Christian Aid has the theme Bite Back at Hunger with plenty of resources for church and school here.

National Family Week
27th May – 2nd June 
Summer half-term sees the return of National Family Week & a great opportunity for churches to offer activities which reach out to families beyond the church walls. Lots of ideas here. Other resources for National Family Week here Family Faith websites &Pinterest Board

Line management of Workers 
Amaze are conducting research into the quality of line-management of children & youth workers. Click this link to take part in their online survey 

St Mark's College 
St Mark’s is a superb centre near Saffron Walden. The Centre is available to youth, school and adult groups for residential stays, day conferences and retreats. A range of facilities and activities are available on and around the site. A full description of these can be found here

Children in Recession 
A recent report highlights how celebrating birthdays can be stressful for families. Here are some links: 
  • Make Lunch - providing lunch during school holidays for children who normally receive free school meals. More>> 
  • Free Cakes for Kids - 45 active groups who bake celebration cakes for families who cannot afford them. More>>
  • The Children's Society actively campaigns to help end child poverty. More>>
  • The Church Urban Fund's site gives stats on your parish. More>>

Children & Bullying 
Kidscape have produced a booklet for primary aged children on bullying. It’s great to see a children’s resource written for children. 

Small Grant Funding 
The Mission Opportunity Fund Assessment Committee provides small grants to enable mission initiatives, which require a modest amount of funding, to get started. A total of £3,000 is available in each Episcopal Area, each year. Awards are granted for one off payments only. Normally, the maximum award would be £750. It is permissible to use a small grant to enable a pilot scheme for an initiative that might lead to a larger grant from the MOF. Download form here.

Children & Well-Being
Unicef have published their latest report card on children/young people’s well-being. UK ranks 16 overall (out of 29), but 24 in Education. 
The good news: 
  • 99% of girls don’t get pregnant while still a teenager 
  • 92% of children don’t smoke cigarettes 
  • 85% of children aren’t overweight 
  • 86% don’t use the drug cannabis 
  • 85% don’t get drunk 
  • about two thirds are neither bullied nor involved in fighting 
Short video of young people talking about their livesMore>>

Blogs & Websites

Dear Mr Gove,
I see that you are marketing your ‘longer school days, shorter holidays’ idea as ‘family-friendly’, but I’m not sure you’ve really thought that through -More>> 

Children and commercialisation - Can children be children before they are consumers? A report from Compassion indicates that constant exposure to commercial messages is shaping the way children see themselves and the world -More>> 

This blog offers weekly family-focused liturgies as well as reflections from parent and child perspectives - more>> 

Care for the Family have a range of resources and some e-newsletters available on; 

The Daily Doughnut - a website offering bite-sized Bible study for all the family designed to be straightforward, flexible & fun. More>> 

POPUK - christian music in schools, church & community - More>>

Children in the Bible, Anne Richards
Anne re-examines what the Bible has to say about children & discovers themes of call, commission, blessing, healing and salvation. In weaving biblical analysis with stories of contemporary children and childhood, Anne offers fresh perspectives which argue that children are deeply woven into God's purposes as well as makers of God's story. More>> 

Creative ways to tell a Bible story
Marytn Payne Martyn has a wealth of experience as a creative story teller & offers ways to introduce, tell and reflect on Bible stories. More>> 

Get Messy!
A magazine to support Messy Churches with 3 issues per year. Session outlines, articles and Bible studies to help your Messy Church flourish. More>> 

Lifelong Faith
LifelongFaith offer all issues of the Lifelong Faith Journal as a free service - new issues and back issues. More>> 

Hanging Out with Jesus - Corin Child
Interactive Bible studies for 9-14s helping young people in the church grow a sense of belonging and identity. More>>


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If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself.
- Albert Einstein

Vacancy, URC Youth/Children’s Work Programme Officer to advocate/implement programmes & establish links with workershttp://bit.ly/WFYkJB

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There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children - Nelson Mandela

5 things children need; security, boundaries, community, creativity & significance, the irrepressible Keith White. (but not just children)

Children & education - the whole point of being 4 is to enjoy being 4, not to get ready for being 5. Enjoying the moment

Only where children are present is there any real chance of fun - English proverb

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