Offering the very best

Thank you for all you to do for the spiritual welfare of children in your care. There are many encouraging stories of increasing numbers of children finding a place of safety, security, nurture, growth and fun in our parishes.

This is an exciting time in children’s ministry. This information pack deals with the admission of children to Holy Communion prior to Confirmation. We hope the information will help you explore the issues in a meaningful way and help you to come to an informed decision on these issues. There are many different views regarding children and Holy Communion, all held in good conscience.

Our primary concern is that we should offer nothing but the very best to the children in our care. Children are a gift from God. They are a gift to their parents, to their families, to our communities and to our churches. Children are our privilege and our responsibility. We must seriously consider what it means to offer the very best spiritual experiences. This means offering relevant, vibrant and meaningful opportunities for worship, for prayer, for teaching and for service. Experiencing God through Holy Communion is an essential part of our worship and children will experience God and learn about Him through full participation in this celebration. 

When we think and pray and plan for children, we must not only consider Admission to Holy Communion. We must also consider evangelism, discipleship, opportunities for meaningful service and Confirmation. 

Please take time to consider the spiritual experiences on offer for children in your church. Consider the value and the depth of teaching on offer. Plan meaningful opportunities of worthwhile service. Consider what discipleship might look like for a 5 year old, a 15 year old and a 50 year old. Consider the opportunities you have for evangelism amongst the whole family, including multiple generations. 

We pray that you will be encouraged to continue to offer the very best in your service of all in your parish. 

Steve Kersys 
Children’s Work Adviser