Special Services for Advent and Christmas
Susan Hardwick, pub. Kevin Mayhew  ISBN: 1-84003-961-2    £9.99
This has six services, including a Christingle, a service for teenagers, a day retreat and an all-age service.


Topsy Turvey Christmas
Lucy Moore, BRF, £8.99, ISBN: 1084101-340-4
A Christmas musical giving a fresh twist to the Christmas story. It contains all you need - scripts, music, staging ideas (and there's a CD of songs available, too) - but there's a lot to get through, so if you want to use it with your Sunday group it will mean some hard work. There are 11 scenes, so it's longer than your average drama, but it looks as though it would be great fun.

Easy Ways to Christmas Plays ... V icki Howie
Three complete nativity plays for 3-7s with photocopy permission Paperback.  £8.99
Join In - Jump On! Stories for Christmas Stories for Christmas... and more!
Created to help children develop a relationship with God and learn about the Bible. A5 pb from Scripture Union £1.99

Prayers Presents and Pudding David Gatward
Prayers for Advent Christmas and the New Year Kevin Mayhew £6.99

Easy Ways to Seasonal Plays ... Vicki Howie
Three complete seasonal plays in one book - Easter, Harvest and Christmas -to use with 3-7 year olds Paperback from Bible Reading Fellowship £8.99

Practical Ways to Christmas Plays  ... Stephanie Jeffs
Five Flexible and fast-moving Christmas plays for 7-11s Paperback from Bible Reading Fellowship £7.99

Nursery Rhyme Nativities  ... Brian Ogden
Three easy to perform plays for pre-school and early years learning. Three plays that tell the Christmas story from different perspectives, using well-known nursery rhymes to bring the storyline to life Paperback. £7.99

Dashing through the Show  ... Rodd and Marco
Everything you need to put on a good quality, entertaining and thought-provoking Christmas show. A4 pb with CD from Scripture Union £14.99Star of Wonder (£9.99) .... Christmas musical for children Kevin Mayhew

The Star & The Stable Peter Jackson
This book has three short nativity plays (5 - 6 minutes) and 7 other Bible-based sketches. Kevin Mayhew £9.99

Star of Wonder (£9.99) .... Christmas musical for children Kevin Mayhew


Baker Ross Christmas Resources
... has some great Christmassy craft materials which would be ideal for Christmas displays or fairs. The costs are very reasonable. There are also washable Nativity stencils & wooden nativity templates, along with loads of other ideas. Have fun! Get a catalogue by calling 0870 241 1867

Roots has lectionary-based weekly resources for children & young people, as well as a separate Roots Worship magazine for church leaders. The November/December issues both have lots of ideas for Advent and Christmas (and Remembrance Sunday) ROOTS Children & Young People - £6.50 an issue ROOTS Worship - £4.50 an issue


It's Christmas! New Children's Praise Songs
12 songs written by different writers, and featuring Noel Richards on vocals. It claims to have different styles of music to suit ALL tastes, but don't expect much organ is my guess!
All Age   

All-age Advent and Christmas  ... Nick Harding (£6.99)
All-age activities for Advent and Christmas  ... Michael Forster (£5.99) Kevin Mayhew
Unwrapping the seasons Nick Fawcett. All-age talks for Advent and Christmas Kevin Mayhew £5.99


Celebrating Christingle Nick Fawcett
Six different Christingle Services, as well as practical points about making Christingle etc. Kevin Mayhew £11.99


This excellent website provides a wealth of relevant, practical and useable ideas, many of which are free to use. The ideas section is wonderful.