The process for considering Admission to Holy Communion can be a wonderful opportunity for the whole church to discuss and discover more about the Eucharist. Here are some guidelines to help you in your considerations:


Consider how you might provide the best possible spiritual experience and care for children attending church services and activities and consider how Holy Communion and Confirmation fit into children’s nurture. Think about the opportunities for teaching and learning and also the opportunities for relevant service. Refer to the resources in the Useful Information section for more information.

Gather information - from other parishes about their experiences with children and Holy Communion and Confirmation 

Invite - the Children's Work Adviser to offer guidance and information to help you explore further

Discuss with the PCC and then with the wider church.

Make an informed decision

Having gathered information from a variety of sources and discussed widely, make an informed decision with the PCC about which way to proceed. Communicate your decision to the congregation. If not wishing to admit at this stage then set a date for children to be admitted to Holy Communion to be reviewed by the PCC. If you decide to proceed;


Gather materials
  • Identify suitable Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation courses 
  • Complete and return the Parish Application Form
Prepare for Holy Communion
  • Identify appropriate people to lead a Holy Communion preparation course
  • Through consultation with parents and children’s leaders identify children who might benefit from this course
  • Hold the preparation course and prepare a service of welcome for those who will receive Holy Communion for the first time
  • Celebrate the service
  • Keep records of those admitted to Holy Communion
Continuing Nurture

  • Continue providing the best possible spiritual experience and care for children attending church.
  • Consider how you might encourage children to offer appropriate service in the church and wider community
  • Consider how and when you will prepare children/young people for Confirmation