Preparation Materials

Holy Communion

These resources form a collection of those recommended from a wide range of sources with differing approaches. These can be ordered through the Resource Centre at the Diocesan Office from



  Welcome to the Lord’s Table 
Margaret Withers ... ISBN 9781841010434 

This is a teaching manual for all those seeking to welcome children to participate fully in the Eucharist. The introductory chapters explore the background to the question of preparing young children for Holy Communion, give guidance on preparing the congregation, training leaders and involving the family, and includes a guide to using the course. The material is designed to last approximately three months overall, with the children receiving Holy Communion towards the end of the course. Each unit is divided into two distinct forty-minute sessions and includes aims and objectives, biblical basis, teaching time, focus on the Church, prayer, activities and suggestions for music. A separate do-at-home activity book is available to accompany the main course book.

  I Belong 
Aileen Urquhart ..... ISBN 9780852311714 

A programme for parents and children that includes themes, such as parenthood, mercy and glory, drawn from the celebration of Communion and firmly rooted in everyday experience. The programme includes a leader's guide, parent's guide and children's workbook. There is also an I Belong Special edition providing Makaton signs and simplified language for children with learning difficulties. Each aspect matches the standard book, thereby offering inclusivity for all children in the parish as they prepare for Holy Communion.

  Come and Join the Celebration 
John Muir and Betty Pedley ..... ISBN:0715149474 

A resource book based on Holy Communion for both adults and children. Chapter titles include; The Liturgy, Helping Younger Children (2 – 6 years old) and Activity Sheets.

  Children and Holy Communion 
Pearce & Murrie ..... ISBN 1 84417 151 5 

A well thought out and comprehensive guide to preparing the church and the child for Holy Communion

  My Communion Book 
Diana Murrie ..... ISBN 9780715149461 

An all-age resource for children and families, primarily aimed at 4 to 8 year olds. It can be used initially as a sharing book, adult and child reading together, but children may use it at times on their own. Taking the child through the service, the book explains key words and asks questions that relate directly to the child, helping them to engage with the service of Holy Communion.

  All-Age Everything 
Nick Harding ….. ISBN: 9781848671775 £15.99 

A book full of liturgical worship resources (greetings, confessions, creeds, intercessions, blessings, visuals etc) which are interactive and designed for all age worship.

  I Can Join in Common Worship 
Tony Kershaw ..... ISBN 0 281 05568 8 

A Children’s Communion book explaining different elements in common worship. Colour illustrations combine with the full text of the prayers and explanations of the action giving children the chance to worship God with the whole congregation.

  My Holy Communion Book (Anglican) 
Aileen Urquhart ..... ISBN 0 85231 238 5 

Holy Communion explained for a younger audience, with plastic-coated pages enabling erasing/re-writing of answers.

  The Feast is Ready to Begin 
Rachel Nicholls ….. 9781848671768 £15.99 

Book on All-Age Eucharist based on Common Worship. 14 outlines following the church year, with very good ‘how to’ material in the introduction.