Parish Application Form

This form must be completed and returned to Bishopscourt before permission may be granted by the Diocesan Bishop.
You can download the form here as a pdf and as a word document.

The form asks each parish to consider these questions;

    • Has the PCC discussed Admission of Children to Holy Communion before Confirmation & what was the outcome? 
    • How has the wider congregation been involved in the discussion & what was the outcome? 
    • Has the diocesan children’s work adviser been approached to advise? 
    • What other guidance or advice has been sought (if any)? 

    • How will the preparation of the children for Holy Communion be organised? 
    • Who will lead the preparation, and what training will they be given? 
    • What teaching materials will be used? 
    • How will the children’s nurture towards Confirmation continue after they have been admitted to Holy Communion? 

Pastoral Matters
    • How will parents be involved in the preparation of their children for Holy Communion? 
    • What strategies do you have for families who do not wish for their children to be admitted to Holy Communion? 
    • What strategies do you have for children who come to church without their parents? 
    • What provision will be made for the nurture of children with learning difficulties who wish to receive Holy Communion? 
    • How will children be involved and affirmed as members of the Christian Community within the Eucharist, in non-Eucharistic worship and in social events?
Download the Parish Application Form as a pdf