Vol 2 - August 2012

posted 28 Aug 2012, 11:26 by Steve Kersys   [ updated 8 Feb 2013, 00:13 ]
Help! We need more people!
Having trouble finding people to serve in children's ministry? Liz Perraud has written an interesting blog on how to approach recruiting volunteers. People are prayed for and specifically invited. Well worth a read.

Faith in homes
Great collection of resources relating to faith in the home by Mary Hawes.

Images of child, church and God
Beth Barnett
Children are imaged in a number of complex and sometimes conflicting ways in our culture. Children are seen as trouble, sexualised, unruly, cringe worthy, messy, time consuming, revenue consuming. They are a niche market, a set of consumers to be exploited. Conversely, they are also “special” and trophied as status symbols. And tragically, they are the focus of our neuroses, frightening us as vulnerable and in need of legislative protection, for they expose our darkest corruptions and inclinations to abuse. In our churches, we misappropriate these images of children in some of our practices as well.

Ten Tools for Back to Sunday School
Great blog here from Rebecca Kirkpatrick, a practitioner in America who is preparing for Sunday School re-starting after summer break. She has some brilliant ideas which would translate well in our settings. Rebecca’s top ten include ….
1. Parent Pages
2. Discipline Policy
3. Prayer Partners
4. Teaching on Communion
5. Setting goals for the year 
6. Reading Challenge
7. Advent and Christmas Planning Information
8. Mission Opportunities for Families
9. Calendar for the coming term
10. A Family Covenant Form

Westerhoff revisited
John Westerhoff writes, teaches and speaks about the importance of community in growing faith. Facts and knowledge are not enough – children need to see faith lived out in their families and homes, to be part of churches that allow them to question and think for themselves, that encourage them to take an active place in worship. Hear what he had to say at the Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity Conference in May. Westerhoff’s ground-breaking book Will our Children have Faith? has also just been revised and republished. In it he explores styles of faith, and reflects on the ‘hidden curriculum’ that children receive in their experience of church. A study guide is included to help individuals and groups think through the implications for their own situation.

Engaging children
Midst is an Australian website which has a range of thoughts, suggestions and resources for engaging children with the Christian faith.

Fresh Worship
The Fresh Expressions website has developed a great tool for finding creative ideas for worship, many of which will work in non-Fresh situations.